Painkiller Jane Comic Re-Launch and TV Movie?

Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti bring Jane to the small screen and back to comics.
Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti have agreed to bring Painkiller Jane back to life in her own comic series being published by Dynamite.

She will also be getting a movie pilot from the Sci Fi channel. Trying to respark her career.

Jane Vasko was an undercover police officer attempting to infiltrate a major New York city drug ring. After gaining the trust of dealers, her cover was unknowingly blown and she was forced to submit to a drug cocktail that landed her in a coma. Jane stayed in secrecy in a local hospital tagged as a Jane Doe, in a coma, until one day she awoke to a world where nothing was the same. Infused somehow during her fitful, sleep with strange powers, Jane has nothing left to lose and a whole lot of people to make pay for what they’ve done…Painkiller Jane’s story begins here!
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