More Blade TV Photos, Details

There's more shots from the upcoming Spike TV Blade live-action pilot now online.
Production begins Monday in Vancouver on the Blade live-action TV movie for Spike TV and pictures of the cast and a story synopsis is online.

The series will star Kirk "Sticky" Jones (Over There) and David Goyer, who wrote all three Blade movies and directed Blade: Trinity, will serve as executive producer and co-write the film with Geoff Johns.
Peter O'Fallon (Suicide Kings, Eureka and American Gothic) will direct.

The cast also includes Jill Wagner, Neil Jackson, Nelson Lee and Jessica Gower.
Here's how Spike TV describes the film:
"Spike TV's Blade focuses on Marvel's eponymous immortal warrior fighting a shadowy underworld of vampires who want to destroy the human race. The title character is a half-man, half-vampire who uses his incredible powers and skills to fearlessly battle the demonic creatures of the night in a blood-drenched crusade to prevent the ascendance of vampires over mankind."

Check out the cast pics here.

Look for the pilot in June.

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