Deathlok Movie May Get Derailed Director

Mikael Hafstrom may take the helm of Marvel's movie based on the cyborg assassin from the future.
Mikael Hafstrom (director for Jennifer Aniston's thriller Derailed) may direct Deathlok for Marvel Studios and Paramount.

Paramount reportedly put Hafstrom on Deathlok as a priority development deal. This might put them in a bidding war for Hafstrom's time, however, with power-producer Harvey Weinstein, according to FishBowl LA.

Deathlok tells the story of a black ops soldier resurrected by the government as a cyborg assassin who then turns on his masters. He shares his consciousness with a computer and longs to return to his wife and child who he knows would be repulsed by his new monstrous appearance.

The film has previously been attached to directors Paul McGuigan and Lee Tamahori. David Self, Stu Zicherman and Raven Metzner wrote the script.
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