'Lost' Star to Play Tigra?

Internet fan sites are getting confused about the name but it appears Michelle Rodriguez may be the next actress to play a feline superheroine.
Michelle Rodriguez (Lost) reportedly told USA Today that she'll be playing a feline superhero soon but the article and Internet fan sites are confused on the name of that character.

"Gripe as she might about the roles she's offered, Hollywood continues calling," USA Today says. "She has two horror movies in the can (BloodRayne, due Jan. 6, and The Breed, due later in 2006) and has signed a deal with Marvel Comics' Stan Lee to develop a film version of Conan the Barbarian comic book villainess Tigress."

Superhero Hype thinks that means she'll play "Marvel Comics' Tigress," but Marvel's character was named Tigra and the only mention of a Tigress in the Conan mythos (which don't below to Marvel now anyway) is the ship Tigress, captained by Belit of the Black Coast.

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