Exclusive: Grim Joker, Penguin in Batman Begins 2?

Some plot rumors surface about Joker's motivation in the sequel and what other Bat-villain will make an appearance.
Warning: Spoilers

Comic book fan rumor we heard over the Turkey Day holiday has it that the Joker in the Batman Begins sequel won't be zany and clowny but rather, in keeping with the tone of director Chris Nolan's films, will be dark and frightening with a broad smile under his wide-brimmed hat.

According to our sources, the Joker will be an x-factor in the Gotham crime scene, sometimes acting against the Batman and sometimes acting against the Mob still taking orders from the League of Shadows.

Meanwhile, the Penguin is rumored to be a Russian arms dealer working with Gotham gangsters. No word on the imminent return of the Scarecrow.

Meanwhile, Batman Begins director Chris Nolan was fairly mum about the sequel to his hit Bat-film in an interview with About.com.

The web-zine asked: "Will you be doing Batman Continues? Well, it certainly won’t be called that. That's the title most commonly thrown at me. Actually, I have been talking to the studio and to David Goyer about directions for a sequel because we're certainly very excited still about the world we were able to dive into and the characters we were able to put on screen. It's a pretty interesting bunch of people and an interesting place, so we're definitely talking about places we would take it.

"Will you use two villains again or is the Joker going to be enough? I wouldn't want to talk about any specifics per se. All I can really say is it's a film we're talking about doing.

"Boy, I had questions about Robin and Vicki Vale too. Like I said, I can't really go into details."

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