Lachy Hulme: I'm Not A Lock for Joker

Brit actor seen as front runner for Clown Prince of Crime in Batman Continues says nothing’s set in stone.
Warning: Spoilers

An Aussie working with Lachy Hulme on his latest film told Batman-On-Film that: "[While on the set], my friend to asked him about being The Joker. Five minutes later, my friend returns with an autograph, he told me that he asked Lachy if he was going to play The Joker in the BATMAN BEGINS sequel. Lachy laughs, and then replies 'What do you think?' My friend asks,'Well are you?' Lachy says, 'I've been in talks, but the outlook is not good.'"

"About an hour later during the 15 minute break for cast and crew, my friend is again talking to Lachy outside the location set...I walk up to my friend, he speaks up and introduces me to to Lachy - stating that I'm huge Batman fan and that I think he should play the The Joker. Lachy smiles and laughs, and shakes my hand. I tell him he looks just like The Joker, and he says, 'That's what they keep telling me.' he had stated (after we asked) that he is going to LA after the next few weeks to talk Batman (or should I say Joker). I had asked him if he had seen any of the mock up pics that people have posted on the Net and he said, 'No, I'm afraid to!'

"I told him that some of the pics are really great and that people have gone to a lot of trouble doing them. I told him there are a lot of people who are really behind him getting this role. He said, 'Yeah, that's why I'm afraid to go onto these web sites because I would have to reply to all those people with thank you letters because they're the ones getting me this far. He then he got a phone call and had to leave."

BOF says an insider claims Lachy is being overly coy about having the part.

Meanwhile, the site reports that our rumor on Batman Begins featuring a dark Joker confirms its earlier reports. The Penguin as Russian arms dealer news also jibes except that BOF’s source says the arms dealer (whether the Penguin or not) will be British.

And, Michael Caine had this to say about returning to his role as Alfred: "Michael Gough is friend of mine [referring to the 79-year-old actor who last played Alfred]. That'll be like me."

Batman Begins is up for two "People's Choice Awards" - "Favorite Movie Drama" and "Favorite Movie."
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