Patrick Stewart Teases Prof. X Details

With Juggernaut and Magneto stomping around in X-Men 3, what will befall Charles Xavier?
Patrick Stewart was rather coy when asked about what happens with his Professor X character in X-Men 3.

Empire Online caught up with Stewart: "We asked him about a potential Dark Phoenix plot to the film, to which he looked very mysterious but wouldn't give anything away except for a rather intriguing smile. (A Dark Phoenix shaped smile? Oh go on…) He did however drop a few tantalizing tidbits about Professor X's fate in the second sequel: 'You'd need about an hour to hear all about it. There are going to be some changes. Professor X is now very, very startling, very surprising. It's all very exciting'."

Meanwhile, child actress Makenzie Vega just finished filming an unspecified role in X3, according to She's starred in Family Man, Made, Saw and Sin City.

And there's news on a couple of actors who didn't make it into the film. A casting session was held early November to find an actor to portray Magneto in his 40s. John Tobin tried out for the role, according to the fan site but didn’t hear back from the casting director. And Lost actor Josh Holloway (Sawyer) was reportedly up for the role of Gambit.
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