X3 Trailer is Coming Early

Look for the X-Men 3 trailer to debut this coming Monday!
Warning: Spoilers

20th Century Fox won't wait until King Kong debuts Dec. 14 to reveal its X-Men 3 trailer. Instead, the studio plans to unveil it on Monday, Dec. 12.

Reporters were treated last night to a press conference on the film and a sneak peek hosted by none other than Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) himself.

Here's the description of the trailer, as provided by Comics Continuum:

"The top-secret trailer, which had passwords which had to be entered before it could be seen, opens with the 20th Century Fox and Marvel logos. The usual white on red 'MARVEL' type then turned silver in X-Men movie style.

"Much more a trailer than a teaser, it includes many images that show off the film's many characters and a dramatic voiceover by Patrick Stewart.

"Highlights include:

  • The X-Men walking down the Cerebro hallway, including Wolverine, Colossus, Kitty Pryde and Storm.
  • Several good looks at Kelsey Grammer as the Beast.
  • The first look at Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut. His costume is very faithful to the comics, including the color scheme and helmet.
  • The main hook of the film -- a cure for mutancy -- was revealed as Magneto rallied mutant troops to fight it, including Juggernaut, Pyro and what looked like -- although unconfirmed -- Madrox and Callisto.
  • Ben Foster's Angel, in what appeared to be the Worthington laboratory, popping out his wings from his shirtless body.
  • A funeral scene.
  • Wolverine in Magneto's magnetic clutches.
  • A quick action scene of Mystique.
  • Magneto flipping an oncoming vehicle.
  • Storm flying and spinning to create a tornado.
  • Jean Grey, getting up from the infirmary, and blowing away the door.
  • The Golden Gate Bridge being ripped apart.
  • A student flying paper airplanes with his powers.
  • Wolverine and Cyclops at Alkali Lake; Cyclops, looking skyward, screams 'Nooooo!'

Jackman told the press he hadn't seen the trailer until just then as well had just come from filming the Alcatraz scene with Ian McKellen.

Associate producer David Goyer said Stewart's voiceover had been recorded over Thanksgiving weekend in London.
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