Singer: Superman 'Funny, Romantic'

Bryan Singer says Superman Returns will be his funniest, most romantic movie ever.
Action fans may have to concede some Superman Returns film footage to moviegoers who like comedy and romance.

Director Bryan Singer says the film is the most humorous and romantic pic he's ever shot.

"We're here [in Los Angeles]," he told iF magazine which interviewed him at the debut of his new Sci Fi Channel mini series Triangle. "Everything is done and we're back. I took a brief hiatus, and cut together a version of the movie. Then I went back and filled in the dots, and I'm now back...I am very pleased with the cut. I've got a nice cut of the picture. It'll be a very funny romantic type of picture, more so than I have ever made before."

Here's what he says about using elements of the 1970s Superman movies:

"There will be elements of the John Williams theme, and the opening title sequence should be very similar, if not specifically the John Williams theme," Singer says. "The movie is very involved and there are a lot of elements we haven't seen before, so it will have a great deal of original score as well, but I certainly will use the John Williams theme. It's like Star Wars, you don't want to escape it, you want to use it and it's one of the driving elements of the experience."

The magazine asked: "Are you still using the Jor-El Marlon Brando scenes in your movie?"

Singer replied: "There are elements of those scenes that I am using. There are elements of Marlon Brando, both his voice and his likeness that I am using in a certain way. Jor-El, though he is not alive, he exists in the face and voice of Marlon Brando."

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