Singer Misses X-Men, Superman Carries Torch

Here's more tidbits about X-Men 3 and Superman Returns including a lunch date with Wolverine and Superman…
Director Bryan Singer, who helmed the first two X-Men movies, says he regrets not being able to do X-Men 3 because he was doing Superman Returns at the same time it was being filmed.

"I'm looking forward to ['X-Men 3'], but I just got back from Australia," he told iF Magazine. "It's weird not being part of it; I wish I could split myself in two and be in two places at one time. All of those folks are really good friends. Hugh Jackman visited us while we were shooting 'Superman' in Sydney, and I had lunch with Wolverine and Superman -- it was kind of fun."

Click here to read on about Singer’s take on Superman.

Also, Singer told IESB he'd be interested in directing another Star Trek movie and might return to the X-Men film franchise. "You never know ....I miss all those guys," he says. Click here to see the video interview.

Meanwhile, actor Brandon Routh (Clark Kent/Superman) will carry the Olympic Torch in Florence, Italy Dec. 14 as part its global journey to the games.
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