More X-Men 3 Pics Online

There's new cast shots of the X-Men now online as well as a possible title for the third film.
The title for the third X-Men movie may end up being X-Men 3: The Last Stand, X3: A Last Stand, X3: Last Stand, or X3: The Last Stand. All have been registered as Web sites by 20th Century Fox and they match a key phrase in the trailer that just hit the Web.

Meanwhile, has this to report about the special effects in the film: "We've got some exciting news about the companies working on X3's special and visual effects. Though the company does not want to confirm or deny, at this moment, we understand that WETA Digital are on board to work on the movie's visual effects! The New Zealand based Oscar-winning effects house credits include The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, Van Helsing, I, Robot and more recently they completed work on the highly-anticipated King Kong.

"We can also exclusively tell you that Rhythm & Hues (X-Men, X2, LOTR, Superman Returns) started work on visual effects for Phoenix last month. Kleiser-Walczak (X-Men, X2) are also back to work on Mystique shots plus other work that has yet to be determined.

"UK-based The Moving Picture Company (Batman Begins, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire) are working on about 200 shots in the film. Framestore CFC (MI: 2, Underworld, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), also based in the UK, are also working on a number of shots including Angel's fall from a building and a scene, featured in the teaser trailer, of 2 paper planes flying," says.

There's more here.

And finally, the official movie Web site has all new cast photos including shots of Beast and Juggernaut and many others never before seen.

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