Chuck Dixon weighs in on Punisher flick.

One of the greatest all time writers of Frank tells all.
'My biggest problem is that they played Frank as a detective instead of a soldier. My Punisher would have killed John Travolta as soon as he knew Travolta was the one who ordered his family killed. He wouldn't have investigated and then set up an overly-elaborate sting operation. The movie spent far too much time treading water. Were I writing it? Frank would have found ouyt that Travolkta was his target and then gone through Travolta's stronghold like a dose of Ex-lax. Travolta is the only one who escapes the carnage and goes into the witness protection program to save his own ass. Frank must then hunt his quarry without harming any law enforcement personnel. In the end, the mob learns of Travolta's whereabouts as well and it's a Wild Bunch type stand off between Frank and some federal marshals and an amry of hitmen.' Chuck Dixon was quoted on his own website Dixonverse.

All us Punisher fans out there feel a bit the same and would love to see an originator of Frank come out and helm an actually movie of the Punisher.
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