Cyborg to Visit Smallville

The Teen Titan pays a visit to Superboy's hometown during February sweeps.
Cyborg is the next DC Comics character to show up on the WB's hit series Smallville. Look for the Teen Titan to appear during February sweeps month.

"We have always liked this character from the Titans," series executive producer Al Gough told Krypton Site. "We thought he had an interesting dilemma: Am I man or machine? Have I compromised my humanity? Will I find love in this condition?

"The same themes I always loved in Robocop."

There's been no casting announcement. Flash and Aquaman have both appeared in the series.

Meanwhile, there's also no word yet on who will be Aquaman in the pilot movie Gough and Miles Millar are working on.

"We are still scouring the seven seas, and a few countries, including Australia, the UK and Canada," Gough said. "We've sifted through literally hundreds of auditions trying to find lightning in a bottle like we did with Tom Welling. I've been impressed with the talent pool, we've seen a lot of very interesting guys."
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