Magneto Scribe on Origins of Evil

Find out what motivates the mutant master of magnetism in the upcoming solo movie.
Sheldon Turner, screenwriter on the planned Magneto origin film, revealed some details of the plot during a recent interview and talked about writing another origin of evil: a prequel to Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

"Everybody has that sense of, how did this person become that person?," he told Bullz Eye. "It's a big part of the 'Star Wars' franchise now. It's the knowing wink-wink of, this is Leatherface as I know him, this is Anakin Skywalker as I know him, and this is how he became that thing. I'm also writing 'Magneto' for Fox, based on one of the X-Men characters.

"Yeah, it's a young Magneto. It opens up with a 14-year-old Magneto being abducted and put into Auschwitz," Turner says.

The live action film will be "made for a 28-, 29-year-old actor. And then it tracks on how he seeks vengeance on the Nazis who killed his parents in the camps. And in the same way -- ala Anakin Skywalker, Leatherface, any of these iconic characters -- what was interesting for me and what will be interesting for the audience is, 'All right, now I understand why he did that thing. Does it make me love him more? Maybe not, but-' … it definitely makes me understand it more. People are fascinated by the origins of any human being. It's a way to indulge their pseudo-psychological interests, and have fun at the same time."

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