Greengrass Talks Watchmen Film

What happened with Paramount and the film based on Alan Moore's comic?
Now that Warner Bros. has picked up the rights to make the Watchmen movie without director Paul Greengrass or writer David Hayter, fans are wondering what happened to Paramount.

So is Greengrass: "It was a slightly surreal experience," he told Latino Review. "I guess you get used to it, I suppose. It was my first experience of it. The film's going and then all of a sudden it's cancelled. I didn’t really enjoy it, I must be honest. It was slightly surreal because Watchmen felt very good.

"Other projects in the past, where you're trying to get them into production, you're trying to get them up, and you get them very close and there's that horrible times when you think you're up and you're actually not quite up – you slip down the greasy pole again. Whenever that's happened to me I could look back and I've gone, 'I can see why that project didn’t go.' Either there was something wrong with the idea, or the screenplay wasn't quite strong enough, it could be a number of reasons. The two or three times it's happened to me, I could see why. It's been for the best in a funny kind of way. This was a bit different, because to be honest I never had any doubt about making that film. We were up. When we spoke I wasn't putting on an act. It felt real to me, and I was excited about it.

"But then comes the times when you suddenly realize you're on shifting corporate sands. It all happened very, very quickly," he said.
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