New Superman Pic Online

There's a new look at the Man of Steel now online. Check it out here.
Wizard magazine published a new image of Brandon Routh as Superman, starring in the upcoming film from director Bryan Singer.

Wizard #172, now on sale, is a 2006 preview featuring a 28-page look at "Superman Returns" and a Q+A with Routh "as he talks about his first meeting with director Bryan Singer, how he bulked up for the role and how he has dealt with his newfound fame," Wizard says. Routh also talks about "his love for the original Christopher Reeve films, what it's like to fly and how it feels to have you’re a** kicked by Kevin Spacey."

"There's a great sense of gracefulness and powerfulness and kingliness in the ['Superman Returns' costume]," Routh told Wizard. "It's very regal. It's the best feeling that I have. I feel like a king or the prince that Superman is. I feel larger than life in the suit. Then there are the strong boots and the cape added, and you can just parade around in it without having to do anything. It just speaks for itself."

The article also talks with Spacey, Singer and the writing team of Mike Dougherty and Dan Harris. There are behind-the-scenes reports on the New Krypton set, why Lex Luthor gets the upper hand and how Superman can be beatn.

Also, "get the inside story on the Superman costume—why they changed the S, why the Superman shield can't be touched and how Brandon Routh is the only man on the planet allowed to wear the costume," the magazine says.

There's a history of the Superman actors, a look at the upcoming video game and fan polls.

There's also news about Brett Ratner's "X-Men 3," "Sin City 2," Kevin Smith's "Clerks 2," "Ghost Rider," "V for Vendetta," the Ultimate Avengers DVD, the Blade TV show, the Fantastic Four cartoon and more.

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