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Animation Insider posted some information about the upcoming animated Spider-Man series on MTV. Included was a listing of the first 11 episodes. Click on the link to get them. The following is an episode guide of the first eleven episodes of the new se
Sony's new Spider-Man animated series has a premiere date. After several months of delays, the new series has been scheduled to premiere July 11 at 10:00 p.m. on MTV. The new series, which was scheduled to premiere last November on the network picks up where the blockbuster feature film left off with Peter Parker aka Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson and Harry Osborn now attending college. The series will premiere with the episode entitled The Party.

Spider-Man, based on the popular Marvel character, is being animated by computer animation pioneers Mainframe Entertainment. The animation will have a very distinct look that does not look anything like Mainframe's past series. It will feature a more distinct cel-animated look than the more 3D-looking Mainframe series of the past.

The talented cast includes Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser, M.D.) as Spider-Man/Peter Parker, recording-artist Lisa Loeb as Peter's love-interest, Mary Jane Watson and Ian Ziering (Beverly Hills, 90210) as Harry Osborn. Additionally, celebrity guests including Spider-Man comic-book co-creator, Stan Lee , Ethan Embry and Michael Duncan Clarke will make appearances on the series.

The following is an episode guide of the first eleven episodes of the new series:

#101 - The Party
#102 - Keeping Secrets
#103 - Shutterbuggery
#104 - Tight Squeeze
#105 - Royal Scam
#106 - Heroes and Villains
#107 - Head Over Heels
#108 - Law of the Jungle
#109 - When Sparks Fly
#110 - Flash Memory
#111 - Preying Mantis

Stay tuned for more animated Spider-Man news soon.
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