Berry Happy Storm Flies in X3

Halle says she's glad her weather-wielding character takes to the air in the third film. Plus, another Wolverine? And Arclight makes a cameo.
"I've worn this cape for two movies now and I never flew,"Halle Berry, who returns as Storm for the third time in X3, told Extra. "And the fans would see me on the street and say, 'You know, how lame are you -- you don't even fly."

In the first X3 teaser trailer, Storm is seen twirling in a spin manuever that Berry performed herself, she said in the interview. "After two X-Men films and Catwoman, Berry was reluctant to get back into a super-hero role," Extra said. "But, between the X3 script and meeting with director Brett Ratner, she decided to come back."

"If I was going to be there, I just wanted to have something to do," Berry said.

Meanwhile, X3 director Brett Ratner had a Christmas/Hanukkah card made up depicting himself as Wolverine with the rest of the cast (see below). In the card, he refers to himself as Wolverstein, according to

X3 wrapped principal photography in Vancouver late last month and now moves to post-production for its May 26 release.

Also, Arclight will be cast as a member of Magneto's Brotherhood in the film, according to Comics Continuum. Arclight was a member of the Marauders in the comics.

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