Pics of Lois & Superman Site Visit

There's new pictures of Kate Bosworth as the Daily Planet's most intrepid reporter and details of a recent visit to the set of Superman Returns here.
Warning: Spoilers

The Web site of actress Kate Bosworth has posted two new pictures of her as Lois Lane in the upcoming Bryan Singer movie Superman Returns.

Check them out below and larger versions here.

Meanwhile, Coming Soon went to the set of Superman Returns in Sydney and filed a report. Here's a sample: "I'll share with you what I saw as I visited the set with gray crystals, the train set, a yacht set, and the partially demolished Daily Planet set. I also got a chance to visit the art
department where I saw paintings of the remnants of Krypton, Superman's spaceship, a
mansion, tons of Alex Ross art and shots from the big action sequence of the film. I even got a chance to examine the Superman costume to check out its intricate details."

Later, the fan site visited with Brandon Routh who plays Clark Kent/Superman. "As
Brandon spoke, I was shocked by how much he resembled Christopher Reeve at times.
Brandon would just be chatting away, then he'd smile and you'd get an instant shock at
how he looked like Reeve's Clark Kent. It was simultaneously eerie and cool. Routh really
impressed us with his knowledge of the comics. (The Superman fans in our group later
admitted that they were throwing comics questions at Routh to test the depths of his
knowledge. None of them were able to stump him.) In the end we were impressed with the
guy and liked him a lot. Singer has picked a good Superman."

The film debuts June 30.

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