Spider-Man 3: More About Peter

Plus, Kirsten Dunst spices up her hairstyle to play Mary Jane again.
Spider-Man 3 actor/stuntman Tim Storm gave some hints about the tone and direction of the third film in an interview with Fanboy Theatre.

"Well, yes, to reveal too much would mean certain death, but I will say the action in #3 will be even bigger than #2," Storm says. "From what I can tell,they are focusing more on Peter Parker than Spidey in this one. Dan Bradley and his crew are working hard already, coming up with some incredible stuff. I'm not sure yet what stunts or roles I will be playing, but I'm looking forward to it."

He also talked about his work in Spider-Man 2. Read more here.

Meanwhile, Kirsten Dunst has changed her blonde hair to a reddish brown in preparation to play Mary Jane Watson again in the third film. Check out the photo from People Magazine below.

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