Possible Casting of Two-Face

And more word on who will wear the Joker's smile in the Batman Begins sequel.
Leiv Schreiber (The Manchurian Candidate) is reportedly in talks to play Two-Face/Harvey Dent in the Batman Begins sequel, according to Batman on Film. Josh Lucas (The Hulk's Glenn Talbot) was rumored to be up for the role.

Quoting a studio insider, BOF says: "On your report that the people at 'Batman Sequel HQ' are looking at Josh Lucas, I can state that their eye is still firmly on Liev Schrieber for the role of 'newly minted' District Attorney Harvey Dent. Make no mistake that Nolan, Roven, Goyer etc. always get their man, okay? (No offense to Josh Lucas, of course -- he's a fine actor.)

"Also, your report last year that Aussie Lachy Hulme was signing autographs on his latest movie set Down Under and saying 'it doesn't look good' about him playing the Joker? You may like to know that Warner Bros. does a 'daily briefing' on all the topics circulating the internet that directly relate to Warner interests (such as Batman Sequel speculation). That particular Hulme comment (whether he said it or not) happened to top the WB daily briefing on the day you ran it, and WB went so far as to ask Mr. Hulme why he would say such a thing! (Do the math on that one my friend)."
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