'Harry Osborn': My Last Spidey Movie

James Franco says he's done with super-hero films after Spider-Man 3. Plus, talk of Spider-Man 4.
James Franco told iF Magazine he's not going to do any more Spider-Man movies, or super-hero films, after Spider-Man 3.

"No one is talking about four yet. I'm sure that Sony would like to make like 20 of them. But there is no script for four that I know of."

When asked if he would do a super-hero film if he could play the lead, Franco said: "One comic book movie is enough."

He added that production starts this week on the West Coast. "[We're shooting] mostly in L.A. At Sony [studio]. And then we always do exterior shots in New York here. It's about a five [month shoot] I think. That's pretty long actually -- longer than most movies."

Regarding the stunts: "You have to do wire work and all of that stuff, but the experience of getting into character is the same," says Franco. "Yes, it's a comic book, but the people in Spider-Man aren't acting like they're in a comic book. They're acting like they're in the real world. Tristan [his character in the new film Tristan & Isolde] is based on a legend, but we're not acting like we're in a fantasy land. We're acting like real people who live in that world. So that's the same thing."

You can read the full interview here.

Meanwhile, contrary to Franco's statements, there is rumor of Sony looking for a Spider-Man 4, according to Moviehole. Director Sam Raimi's next project is Wee Free Men, a family-friendly fantasy film, so there's no word of whether he's interested in a fourth film. Previously, Raimi has said he always viewed his Spider-Man films as a trilogy.
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