Superman Budget Flying High

Trade magazines are sounding the alarm that Bryan Singer's film may be too expensive. Plus, more Superman vs. Batman talk.
With a budget reportedly approaching $250 million and possibly reaching $300 million, is Superman Returns setting itself up for a big fall?

From the New York Post’s Page 6 gossip page: "IT'S a bird! It's a plane! It's a bomb? We hear the Wall Street hitters who ponied up half the cash for Bryan Singer's 'Superman Returns' are running for cover as the budget soars…"

Meanwhile, film star Brandon Routh responded to word that the Batman vs. Superman (perhaps directed by Wolfgang Peterson) is still in the works and Christian Bale (Batman Begins) says he would be up for it.

"It's a tough thing to think about…because I don't think Superman should be fighting Batman," Routh tells "I'd have to read the script to see if there was a backbone behind it, besides them just fighting – they should save the world, not [fight]."
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