Bettany Addresses Joker Rumors

The villain in the upcoming Firewall and Da Vinci Code movies talks about possibly playing the Clown Prince of Crime in Batman Begins 2.
Paul Bettany, who will play villains this year in Firewall and The Da Vinci Code, has been rumored for months to be in the running to play the Joker in the Batman Begins sequel.

"Nobody has rung me up officially and asked, 'Would you like to be in it?'," he told Superhero Hype. "In fact, the only information Bettany has heard has been from friends who have told him they've heard the rumor too," the site said.

Bettany added: "Well, I'm just wondering if my mother started the rumors."

Actor Lachy Hulme has also been rumored for the role.
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