More X-Men 3 Plot Spoilers

So what will everyone be doing in X3: The Last Stand? Here's a detailed list.
Warning: Spoilers

An unconfirmed list of what each of the main characters from X3: The Last Stand will be doing in the film has leaked on to the Web.

  • Wolverine- Wolvie will get a lot of screen time in this movie, about as much as he did in the last two. However, in this film he doesn't focus so much on his past. Wolvie has a strong friendship with Storm but does not share the same love for her as she expresses for him. Wolverine first goes to Alkali Lake to check up on Cyclops who is mourning the death of Jean. But of course befor he does this, he has a drink of whisky at the bar he was in during the opening scene in X1. The same bartender played by Doug Lennox is there and he has an awkward yet humorous moment with Wolverine. Wolverine will also spy on the brotherhood and have a ferocious fight with the Multiple Man who multiplies himself and almost kills Wolverine but the army interferes and kills MM. Also he is in the Danger Room scene which is the opening scene in the film. He is split with Storm in this scene and has an awesome battle. He does a cannonball special and claws an enormous Sentinel midway through the battle. Also he battles Juggernaut where he is thrown from a window in Jean's old neighborhood. He also is a part of the final battle which I am not revealing that much about yet.

  • Storm- Storm has so much more to do in this film than she did in the last two films. She flies, she dives, and she spins. She also creates Tornados, lightning, hail, rain, and snow multiple times during the film. Not only does she do that, but she renews her place at the passenger's seat in the X-Jet. Storm has a passionate love for Wolverine. She is also very glad to see the former X-Men member Beast again once he joins the team. This is a love triangle because Beast has renewed his childhood crush for her. Storm also is in the Danger Room sequence and she explains everything about it to Wolverine just before they enter the room. Also Storm battles Sunfire (Ken Leung) and Arclight (Omayra Mota) in Jean's neighborhood. And she faces Phoenix in the final battle.

  • Rogue- Rogue has a decent part in this film. She hates Kitty because of the affair Kitty is having with her boyfriend Iceman. It is a great love triangle. Unlike the first 2 films Rogue is barely seen with Wolverine. Rogue is very tempted to take the cure but ultimately decides not to near the end. Rogue gains the super strength power for a moment after touching Juggernaut and she throws him in the final battle. Rogue also fights in the Danger Room sequence and is split with Colossus during the scene.

  • Iceman- Iceman takes his ice powers to the maximum level in this film. He does not "ice up" but he does use his iceslide during the Danger Room sequence when he is split with Kitty. Iceman has a love affair with Kitty during this film and he builds an ice fountain for her. Iceman fights Pyro in the final battle.

  • Kitty Pryde- Kitty's main part in this film is having a love affair with Iceman. Kitty joins the X-Men after a class taught Xavier near the beginning of the film. She runs through tons of walls in the Danger Room sequence. She also has a small part in the Final Battle. She also is god friends with Colossus.

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