6 New X-Men 3 Pics of Cyclops, Beast, Colossus

There are new shots from X3: The Last Stand and images from the new X-Men game here.
New pics of James Marsden as Cyclops, Kelsey Grammer as Beast and Daniel Cudmore as Colossus have hit the Web, courtesy of Ganymede Elegy. See them below.

Meanwhile, IGN previewed X-Men: The Official Movie Game, which bridges X2 with X-Men 3.

"Taking place a few weeks after the events at Alkalai Lake, TOG introduces a number of new and familiar characters to the X-Men universe. In the game's very first mission, for example, players will assume the role of Wolverine as he battles Hydra agents trying to gut technology from Stryker's former installation. Later on in the narrative, Nightcrawler is tasked with assisting Colossus in the deeper penetration of the same base, and even further down the line, Iceman is called in to stop an old friend from melting down an active nuclear power plant," according to IGN.

And the Spider-Man 3 game was also mentioned: "Sadly nothing else about the two titles is known right now. But with Spider-Man 3 slated to hit movie theaters in 2007 and a videogame version already confirmed to be in development (see this story from 2004 for the full details), Spider-Man PS3 is most likely Spider-Man 3 (in fact, we're 99.9% sure of it)."

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