Ben Foster Talks X3's Angel

The actor playing Warren Worthington III talked about his love of flying.
In talking with MTV, Ben Foster, who plays Angel in the upcoming X-Men 3: The Last Stand, said: "I needed a big vacation after 'Alpha Dog' [a new film with Justin Timberlake]."

MTV: "So you strapped on some wings."

"Yeah, I'm doing 'X-Men 3'," Foster said. "I'm playing Angel. You know, instead of considering hate, murder, I get to consider flying. [Everybody laughs.]"

He added: "The bulk of 'X-Men 3' has been shot. We're gonna be going back to do some re-shoots pretty soon, but the scenes that we've seen look spectacular.

"My favorite action scene playing Angel was my first flying scene. The cool thing about this particular 'X-Men' movie is that we're doing our own stunts. No joke. Hugh Jackman, if you see him moving entirely too fast? It's him. That's us doing it. We're in some of the most cutting-edge wire work available, so I'm doing 80-foot drops head first attached to basically just a jock strap and a metal wire."

Timberlake added that he'd like to join the X-Men film franchise and has done some wire work on other films.
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