Cassavettes Back at Iron Man Helm?

New info indicates the Golden Avenger won't be directed by Alex Proyas after all.
Despite rumors that Iron Man, the movie, would be directed by I, Robot's Alex Proyas, there's talk that Nick Cassavettes may have returned to the project.

Cassavettes told MTV he's in pre-production on the film and that he plans to keep the character's costume classic rather than go state-of-the-art. "[It will be] more mechanical than high-tech that's the way to go on that."

Referring to his vision of Tony Stark's costume as a "flying tin can," Cassavetes said, "Marvel [Comics] is working things out right now," according to Moviehole.

Cassavettes was first signed to the project in November 2004. New Line failed to do anything with the rights to film which have now reverted to Marvel. Paramount is set to distribute.
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