Batman Begins 2 Talks Begin

A studio insider says negotiations are underway to shape the sequel and another name is added to the list of Joker candidates.
A Superhero Hype source, working on the set of Christopher Nolan's movie The Prestige (starring Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Hugh Jackman), filed this report indicating Batman Begins 2 is beginning to take shape:

"For the past week, I served as a grip on the set of 'The Prestige,' and I can tell you that during the lunch break each day Nolan, Bale and Caine have what we refer to on the set as the Batman meetings, where they sit under at a table under a tent away from everyone and discuss the coming abouts of the sequel. While everyone is to keep away from the area, we do find ways to sneak by. And I would just like to point out I have heard the names Paul Bettany followed by Joker and Jake Gyllenhaal followed by Dent. Just thought I'd send that your way, cheers."
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