'Perry White' Talks Superman

Frank Langella chats about being the Daily Planet's Editor in Chief in Superman Returns
A L.A. Times chatroom talk with Frank Langella brought up Superman Returns, in which he plays Daily Planet Editor in Chief Perry White.

"Superman Returns. I went from the last shot in GNGL [Good Night and Good Luck] at 9 or 10 PM at night, then I jumped out of the car and jumped into a waiting car, changed, hugged GC [George Clooney] and raced to airport and JUST got on the plane in time to go to Aus, 24 hours later, I was standing on the set of Superman," Langella said.

"I landed in Sydney and dropped my suitcases, went straight to the set for costume fitting, it was wonderful and , but stressful," he says.

"Bryan Singer is like a child in a candy store. He would often take me around to other sets for the film and show me the toys, gadgets, many miniaturized sets. He adores that world and it was fun to be a part of it, be in a film like that."
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