Arad Denies Toby Trouble on Spider-Man 2

"Oh, what a tangled web "Spider-Man 2" has already weaved. What
Maguire's disc cleared for Spidey 2 role

Oh, what a tangled web "Spider-Man 2" has already weaved. What can you say about press reports that Tobey Maguire was in, then out, then in again as the guy in the red spandex?

GLARE went to the film's producer, Avi Arad, who confirmed, "Tobey Maguire never left the project. The trouble was he had a herniated disc and we made accommodations. This means Tobey is Spider-Man and I'm thankful every single day I see him on the set."

Yes, filming has begun on the sequel due out next summer. Arad insists that contrary to other press reports, Maguire wasn't just holding out for more money when it was suggested he wouldn't suit up again. "It wasn't about money. It was about worrying about his health," he says. True or false: Was Jake Gyllenhaal briefly cast as Spidey?

"Jake was talked to," Arad says. "We had to talk to others because this is an action movie. Not a walk and talk picture ... God forbid Tobey signed on and then had a life-threatening injury. But all is well now."
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