Big V for Vendetta Update

Background sketches, details on the roots of the story, an early review and news from the Berlin premiere are here.
Warning: Spoilers

The official V for Vendetta Web site has many new updates including design sketches, details on Guy Fawkes (the historical predecessor of V) and news from the Berlin Film Festival premiere.

Also, the movie was screened at WonderCon this weekend in San Francisco and Superhero Hype posted a review. Here's highlights:

"It stays quite true to the tone of the original Alan Moore comic, with some slight deviations…Hugo Weaving as V is funny, charming and menacing at the same time. He claims to only care about restoring freedom to London, yet at the same time conducts murders to avenge his own past.

"The action scenes, particularly V slashing people apart, are great. It's a nice 'R' rating too, with streams of blood shooting from victim's necks as he rushes by. Though the special effects do a slightly strange addition of adding circular 'motion' blurs on his knives as he throws them, during the final fight scene at the end.

"My favorite part of the original graphic novel by [Alan] Moore and [David] Lloyd is faithfully kept in the movie. Namely, the horrendous treatment/imprisonment of Evey by V, in an elaborate ruse to see if she would ever give him up."

You can read the rest of the review here.

Also, you can read an interview with V for Vendetta co-creator David Lloyd here.

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