Whedon Pushes Off Wonder Woman Casting Talk

The Buffy and Angel creator says a final script is still a few weeks away so stop asking about casting.
Joss Whedon is still being peppered with questions about who will play the lead in his Wonder Woman movie but remains mum. Unless you take a Paul Sorvino rumor seriously.

"We find out who is going to be Wonder Woman when they cast it," he told IESB. "I am finishing the script now, I am a few weeks away from a draft, they'll take a look at that and they'll either say this is absolutely perfect for Paul Sorvino [the rather large actor from early episodes of Law and Order] or they'll say this sucks and hire somebody else, it's impossible to say but I think in a few weeks time they should get a sense of what I am doing in the movie and then we can start talking about casting."

You can read more here.

Meanwhile, an IMDB contributor claims Hustle co-star Jaime Murray (pictured) was so impressive in a WW costume in one episode that co-star Robert Vaughn showed Warner Bros. execs and Murray was invited to audition.

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