Wonder Woman's Coming of Age

Beyond recommending portly actor Paul Sorvino for the title role, Whedon shares some other thoughts on casting.
Buffy and Angel creator Joss Whedon says his upcoming Wonder Woman movie is "a coming of age story but it's a coming of age story for somebody who's not necessarily an adolescent she's never been off this island that she lives on so she literally could be between 15 and 30, we find the actress who is right for that…we hire her, it doesn't matter how old she is."

IESB then asked Whedon if the film is an origin story like Batman Begins. "Yeah it is, very different than Batman Begins but very similar in being an origin story. But the great thing about her is that she's never been in the world, every experience is new. She's young whether or not she's actually young."

Whedon also revealed that the villains will be of his own creation. What? No Cheetah, Rainbow Raider and Dr. Psycho? "I don't think Wonder Woman has the greatest rogues gallery in the world so I created someone of my own for her to come up against. It has to do with Greek mythology and the roots that the original comic was built on."

He added that he doesn't know when production will begin. Future plans include more X-Men comics with John Cassiday, a run of Buffy comics, continuing where the TV series left off, and a Serenity comic.

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