Batman Begins Sequel Casting Talk

There's some interesting talk about who may be cast in the planned follow-up movie.
Batman-on-Film sources say veteran actress Vanessa Redgrave has been suggested for the role of a "female character close to Bruce Wayne and Alfred" in Batman Begins 2.

Also says Karl Urban (The Lord of the Rings, The Bourne Supremacy) may play the role of Roman Sionis, the Black Mask (a make up artist left disfigured by his craft).

Also, "[a]lready touted for roles in the film - besides returning stars Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Katie Holmes and Michael Caine - are Jake Gyllenhaal as D.A Harvey Dent, Paul Bettany as The Joker, Brad Dourif as Dr. Arkham, Emily Watson as Dr. Harleen Quinzel , and Bob Hoskins as mob boss Sal Maroni," Moviehole says.

And although director Chris Nolan is busy working on The Prestige with Batman stars Christian Bale and Michael Caine as well as X-Men star Hugh Jackman, there's plenty of work being done on the sequel, the fan site says. "The general consensus is that the sequel will be HUGE and everyone involved is working very hard not to disappoint. Personally, I can't wait!"
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