Marvel Takes Back The Hulk

Marvel released its slate of upcoming adaptations of its comics including plans for old Greenskin.
Marvel Entertainment released its fourth quarter and 2005 financial results and reported its plans for upcoming comics-to-film projects. Among those plans, Marvel has taken back rights to the Hulk from Universal Pictures, which made Ang Lee's overly artsy film.

"We are actively working on scripts for Captain America, Ant-Man and Nick Fury and expect that one of these could be our first film in production next year with a release in 2008," says Mort Handel, Marvel's chairman. "In addition, the rights for Hulk and Iron Man reverted back to Marvel, which will enable the Company to secure a significantly higher portion of the economic benefit than under the previous licenses signed several years ago. In global licensing, we completed a video game extension agreement with Activision for our Spider-Man and X-Men properties and announced a multi-player online persistent universe game with Microsoft, both leaders in their respective industry segments. Lastly, early in 2006 we entered into a five-year toy license with Hasbro in the action figure and role play toy categories, which should extend the global reach of the Marvel brand."

Marvel Studios exec Avi Arad added that Universal will still distribute a Hulk sequel but Marvel will make the movie. Marvel is "very aggressive in development on Hulk [2]," says Arad.

Here's the rest of Marvel's plans:

  • Marvel Studios
    X-Men 3, Fox - Currently editing, May 26, 2006 release

  • Marvel Character Feature Film Line-Up For 2007
    Ghost Rider, Sony - Filming completed, currently in post-production, February 16, 2007 release
    Spider-Man 3, Sony - In production, May 4, 2007 release
    Fantastic Four 2, Fox - Director, In scripting, July 4, 2007 release

  • Marvel Character Feature Film Development Pipeline (Partial List)
    Wolverine, Fox - TBD
    Hulk 2, TBD - TBD
    Iron Man, TBD - TBD
    Thor, TBD - TBD
    The Punisher 2, Lions Gate - TBD

  • Film Projects Included in the Marvel Film-Backed Credit Facility
    Ant-Man, The Avengers, Black Panther, Captain America, Cloak & Dagger, Doctor Strange, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Power Pack and Shang-Chi. The first film is anticipated for release in 2008.

  • Marvel Character Animated Direct-to-Video Projects in Development
    Partnership with Lionsgate to develop, produce and distribute original animated DVD features. Four projects in 2D/3D format are in production with the first releases slated for 2006. Titles include: Ultimate Avengers (released February 21, 2006), Ultimate Avengers 2, Iron Man and Doctor Strange.

  • Marvel Character Animated TV Projects in Development
    Fantastic Four: Partnership with Moonscoop SAS (formerly Antefilms Productions) to produce an original animated television series based on the Fantastic Four. Twenty-six, 30-minute 2D/3D animated episodes are planned with initial TV airings in 2006.
    Wolverine: In development to produce 26 episodes.
    Iron Man: In development to produce 26 episodes.

  • Marvel Character Live Action TV Projects in Development
    Alter Ego; Blade, premiering on Spike TV in 2006; Skrull Kill Krew.

  • 2006 Video Game Release
    Activision, X-Men 3 - 1H 2006

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