X3's Ratner on Following Singer's Lead

Also, high-res versions of The Last Stand bus shelter posters…
X-Men: The Last Stand director Brett Ratner talked with Entertainment Weekly about following in the footsteps of fan favorite Bryan Singer.

"What I didn't change was the plot," he said. "The plot of this movie, in my opinion — the concepts of 'The Cure' and the Dark Phoenix — is brilliant. What I changed were set pieces, the location of where the third act would take place, for example. Every day we were working on making the script better and when I say 'script,' I mean the relationships among the characters and the placement of the scenes because I'm very much into transitions. When you make a film, you're not just shooting like 50 little movies. Every scene has to connect with the next. It was a much bigger canvas because it was a much more emotional story. The story — whether you're an X-Men fan or not — is very relatable. 'The Cure' is a very strong issue."

You can read the whole article here.

Meanwhile, the new Web site BrettRatner.com has high res versions of the bus shelter posters.
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