New Superman Returns Clip Surfaces

Plus, the Man of Steel gets a PG-13 rating and a new still from the film.
Warning: Spoilers

New footage from Bryan Singer's Superman Returns premiered at ShoWest in Las Vegas yesterday. Singer wasn't there but reaction was reportedly overwhelmingly positive.

A Superhero Hype source reports: "Reaction to supes footage was great (and was very clearly modeled after Spider-Man trailers, a look its bird, its a walks Clark Kent into the Daily Planet office gag)

"Brief tights in flight which looked great.

"New supes footage has a solid amount of Lex Luthor, him breaking into the Fortress of Solitude and confronting a projected Jor El and demanding he be told EVERYTHING.

"There's a nice scene where Kent looks at a photo of Marsden, Bosworth and their son and Jimmy Olsen tells him the boy is hers and that they are in an extended engagement (Kent cracks the picture frame when he hears the news out of repressed anger) but that she is 'still in love with you know who.'

"Routh's award had what appeared to be two of the new posters for Supes. One was romance with Supes cradling Lois' head and another had him flying out of the Fortress (looked great)."

Ain't It Cool News offers this full write-up of the event.

A new photo of Routh as Superman appears below.

Meanwhile, the film has received a PG-13 rating from the MPAA for “some intense action violence," according to Coming Soon.

Look for the film in theaters and IMAX on June 30.

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