Wolverine Guest-stars in Superman Returns?

Well, not really, but Hugh Jackman does have a cameo.
Hugh Jackman (Wolverine in X-Men: The Last Stand) will re-unite with X-alum director Bryan Singer for a cameo in Singer's new superhero film, Superman Returns, according to Variety.

"...and he has a cameo in Bryan SingerBryan Singer's upcoming 'Superman Returns,' playing the Man of Steel's young dad in flashback mode," the trade says. Whether that means he'll be Jor-El or Pa Kent remains to be revealed. Clips of the late actor Marlon Brando, who played Jor-El in the 1978 Superman movie, are rumored to be used as well.

Meanwhile, Weta Limited has posted high quality pictures of statues inspired by the film depicting some spoiler scenes.

Click here to see them.
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