Cover-up on the Hulk Movie set

"Originally, we thought we could do a nude Hulk with ca
Maybe Howard Stern's private parts can be revealed onscreen, but the Hulk's, alas, cannot. Certain things will remain undercover when the comic hero comes to the big screen next week.

"The Hulk" has been censored.

"Originally, we thought we could do a nude Hulk with careful lighting," says special effects wizard Dennis Muren. In the end, it was a hard jockstrap to fill. "I guess there were some concerns over ratings, so we decided to put tattered clothes on him." Muren admits that "there were some interesting conversations about how the Hulk would look nude." He adds, "It even became complicated when we decided to put purple shorts on him. The question became 'How tight can the shorts be?' "

Producer Larry Franco adds, "There was a lot of thought given to more Hulk nudity. We talked about it for a long time and struggled with it. ... During a dogfight scene originally the Hulk had nothing on and we were going to try to darken the setting."

So what happened? "If we had a nude Hulk, we were worried that kids would try to stop the DVD and look. If we put nothing there, they would be like, 'There's nothing there.' If we put genitalia there, it opens whole other discussions."

He laughs and says, "I guarantee you that at ILM (the special effects studio), there must be some mockups of the Hulk with all sorts of different body parts." He adds, "In one scene, Hulk's clothes get ripped and you do see a piece of his a--."

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