Daredevil Dinner Guests Deem Garner Toughest

If you missed IFC's "Dinner for 5" season opener with the cast of Daredevil, you can thank Comics2Film for providing this report. Although I would've liked to know what they ordered!
On the season premiere of Independent Film Channel's Dinner For Five host and Daredevil co-star Jon Favreau invited many of the film's principal cast members as well as director and Daredevil comic scribe Kevin Smith to dine and discuss their experiences in the film industry.

Dining at Santa Monica, CA's L.A. Farm, the group's conversation topics ranged from a misconstrued feud between Favreau and Smith, to guest Ben Affleck's ordeals around winning an Oscar, Jennifer Garner's mistaken identities, and Colin Farrell's experiences working with different directors.

Garner, who says she's been mistaken for both Affleck's Pearl Harbor love interest Kate Beckinsale and Felicity and Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers alum Amy Jo Johnson, was deemed the toughest actor on the sets by her male co-stars. Affleck remembered, "She is [frick]ing tough! The girl beat me up again...she's so much better than me. Trying to deny that she really hurt Affleck, he responded, "You have a lot of force!"

Smith, who agreed to appear on the show after actor Michael Clark Duncan (who plays Daredevil's nemesis Kingpin) cancelled, discussed his supposed argument with Favreau over comments they made over each other's filmmaking styles. After some good natured ribbing, both actor/directors agreed that there was little substance to their disagreement.

Affleck, Garner, and Farrell reminisced over the grueling times they had working with famed fight choreographer Cheung-YanYuen and how he taught by discouragement. Garner explains how they would put down the actors until they got the moves right, "They mock you, 'Ah ah ah no!'"

In an interview on the IFC website Favreau explains the concept of the show, "There are no scripts, pre-interviews, studio audiences or pre-determined lists of topics. 'Dinner For Five' is just an open forum for people in the community to discuss whatever is on their mind...Plus, IFC lets you drink and curse, so we felt free to be ourselves."
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