More X-Men Movies, Says Producer

Ralph Winter tells EW that X3 is not necessarily the Last Stand.
"This is not the last movie," producer Ralph Winter said of X-Men: The Last Stand, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly for its annual Summer Movie Preview.

Wolverine and Magneto spin-off movies are in the works, and X-Men scripter Zak Penn has hinted at another X-film, perhaps a New Mutants-type feature. "There are a lot more stories. There's a wealth of characters. We tried to fit Angel into three movies. This is the first time we ever got Angel in."

As for Angel actor Ben Foster mutant fame is sweet. "It's already begun…People come up to me on the street screaming 'Angel!' You know, there are worse things that people can yell at you on the street."

Meanwhile, another newcomer, 19-year old Ellen Page talked about the sudden changes in her life brought on by the film: "I was in the midst of 'crazy teenager,' you know: swimming, partying, having a great time. I was like, 'This could lead to a lot of changes in my life.'"

Meanwhile, below is a new pic of Rebecca Romijn as Mystique from EW's Web page.

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