Blog About Iron Man Movie

Director Jon Favreau talks about the Golden Avenger on the Silver Screen.
Iron Man director Jon Favreau (Foggy Nelson in Daredevil) has launched a blog about his upcoming Marvel movie.

"Iron Man will indeed be my next movie. Marvel is distributing it through Paramount which, for those of you playing at home, is also the studio that is developing John Carter of Mars. That project is still a huge priority for me and I am still very much attached to it both as a director and producer.

"Iron Man is the first Marvel production under its new distribution arrangement. My hope is that this will be reflected in the quality of the movie. Their films are self-financed and, as a result, don't have to run the typical creative gauntlet of studio development. What Marvel says, goes.

"As far as specifics, it will be set in the present and, as you would probably expect, includes a version of the origin story.

"I have set up a MySpace discussion group. I will post new info there as things come together. The internet is full of faulty info. I wanted to have at least one place where the facts would be correct."

Check out Favreau's blog here.
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