Chatting with Superman's Lois & Clark

A conversation with Kate Bosworth and Brandon Routh about Superman Returns.
Kate Bosworth and Brandon Routh, who star in next month's Superman Returns, talked with Coming Soon about fans' expectations for the film.

"What's great about the fans for Superman is that they're so excited and loyal and I think it brings a lot of people back to their childhood in a way," Bosworth said. "It's really a magical thing and I went to Blockbuster the other day to get some films and one of the people that work there said 'Oh I'm so excited for the movie.' It's really neat to see people coming up to you and saying their excited for the film coming out. That's really really nice."

Routh talked about putting on the blue and red tights for the first time: "I hadn't worked out for the film yet and I kinda would have liked to have done it alone in my own room. About 10 people watching and taking notes. It was a little bit nerve-wracking."

Regarding what fans can expect: "They can expect a lot of action and a lot of flying," Routh said. "There are many references to the past films and comic story lines and characters in it and other actors that have been in other things which is really kind of neat. They'll get a kick out of that that the general public won't see. There's a lot of new things to see that they won't expect which is a really great story and relationships and some deep emotions, but yet they won't feel like it's a drama piece. There's a really, really scary Lex Luthor in it from Kevin which is fantastic."

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Superman Returns debuts inconventional theaters, IMAX and IMAX 3D on June 30.
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