Silver Surfer FF 2 Talk Heats Up

One of two scripts for the sequel being considered is more cosmic than the other.
When our site ran news that indicated the Silver Surfer would be featured in Fantastic Four 2, other fan sites poo-poohed the idea as fan boy fantasy.

Now, entertainment trade Bible Variety confirms that the Silver Surfer is likely to be central to the sequel's plot.

"The character has evolved into one of Marvel's more sophisticated comic book heroes. A Surfer feature has been in Fox's arsenal for a decade, but the studio waited because the project is so ambitiously f/x-heavy and Fox has been busy with other Marvel franchises," according to Variety.

The studio is about to choose between scripts written by X-Men 2's Mark Frost and My Super Ex-Girlfriend's Don Payne. Payne's script is considered the frontrunner and it includes the Silver Surfer.

Fantastic Four hits theaters July 4, 2007.
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