Patrick Stewart Talks X-Men 4

Is this not Professor X's Last Stand?
Warning: Spoilers

Patrick Stewart says he's not convinced that this month's X-Men: The Last Stand will be the final X-Men movie.

"When it comes to it you can never say it's the last because a lot of it is about economic drive," he told an anti-bullying charity event. "The first two films were among the most successful films ever, if the third would continue that theme, I would imagine there's a strong possibility that within a short while a fourth one might be in the planning."

Would Stewart sign on for X4? "Oh yes! This is a smashing world to inhabit every few years. I like my character very much, he's an admirable character. I love the people that I'm working with – Halle Berry, Famke Janssen, it could be worse!"

As for X3: "Expect more of the same, only strong with more emotions. We're going to be faced with some real tragedy in this movie and it will bring to a climax the great philosophical and physical war between Charles Xavier and Magneto."

As for the funeral that's hinted at in the clips: "It's very personal to me," Stewart says cryptically.

And, Stewart says he's doubtful he'll return as Jean-Luc Picard in JJ Abrams' planned Star Trek prequel: "I'd have to think very hard about it," he grinned, "I've actually hung up my space suit."

Finally, there's a new TV ad clip from the film online. This one focuses on Angel (excuse the Portuguese subtitles).
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