Nolan, Goyer Talk Batman 2, Flash

Also, Paul Bettany talks about those Joker rumors.
Batman Begins director Chris Nolan and writer David Goyer talked about the planned sequel to Batman Begins and the Flash movie recently.

Nolan warned Goyer not to say anything about Batman 2 but did say the movie is in the works and that they've come up with a great story for the sequel. Nolan was asked if he had heard about Josh Lucas' interest in the role of Batman but the director says he's been busy working on The Prestige and hasn't thought about casting yet. Christian Bale has also said he's interested in returning as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Goyer says he's turned in the script for the Flash film to the producers and the studio should have it by month's end. He prefers Ryan Reynolds for the lead.

Nolan and Goyer were caught at the 32nd Annual Saturn Awards where Batman Begins won Best Fantasy Film. You can catch the video interview here.

Meanwhile, actor Paul Bettany (The Da Vinci Code) was asked about the rumors that he was in line to play the Joker: "In truth I haven't heard anything officially. It's a rumour entirely made up by journalists. Or maybe it's a conspiracy by journalists to ruin my negotiation," he told reporters, according to Batman-On-Film.

"So if they did offer it to me, I'd already have told the press I'd love to do it, so the producers would say, 'Wonderful. Now will you do it for $5 please?'"

A studio source told Batman-On-Film: "As far as I know, Paul Bettany is not on this list [WB's list of potential Joker candidates]. His name holds some appeal with a section of the Batman fan base, but the idea is not exactly setting WB's world on fire. Too many creepy villain roles; been there, done that. He was never really in this race, as your site intimated recently."

Lachy Hulme has also been rumored for the role. But the fan favorite may be Crispin Glover.
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