A Sentinel-Size Load of New X-Photos

Many, many new photos from the upcoming X-Men 3 are online. Plus, Prof. X and Juggernaut speak...

Several new shots from the upcoming X-Men: The Last Stand are now online.

Comics Continuum has posted several shots here and The X-Verse has many more here.

Meanwhile, Patrick Stewart (Professor X) says X-Men: The Last Stand is the most ambitious of the three films in the series.

"This film is richer from start to finish," Stewart said. "It''ll get you worked up -- and it should! It has an intriguing hook that gets you involved immediately and emotionally with the characters."

Also, Vinnie Jones (Juggernaut) explained his character's motivation: "Juggernaut is a mercenary, a fighting machine. He's a member of the Brotherhood but doesn't necessarily share Magneto's intense interest in abolishing the cure. He just lives for battles."

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