Spider-Man Battle With Sandman Details

A starlet with a bit role in Spider-Man 3 spills some spoilerish news.
Warning: Spoilers

Actress Brenna Roth (pictured below) told Action Figures.com some details about an action sequence in Spider-Man 3 she was a part of:

"Without giving too much away about the plot, I'll tell you about my favorite scene I did in Spiderman 3. It took 9 days to shoot a chase scene between Spidey and Sandman. Sandman appears on top of a Brinks (bank) truck, and busts thru the top to take control of the truck. As Spidey tries to stop him, Sandman begins to "bleed" sand out into the cab of the truck, filling it and forcing down the gas pedal. The truck begins to accelerate and crashes into several other cars.

"At the end of the Street there is a Garbage truck that Sandman crashes into, sending the brinks truck flying upside down across the street. All along the way, Spidey is shooting webs and saving people from the destruction. As Sandman crashes, Spidey leaps off the top of the truck and makes his exit, where he then runs into me, on a bus. The rest you will have to wait for!

"It was a pleasure to work with Dan Bradley. I think a lot of people don't realize how much work an Assistant Director does. He did give me the low down on Dukes of Hazards 2, but I'm sure nobody wants to hear about that. Also, Spideys suit is padded in some areas, but not in the butt. That's real. I know for a fact. Colin Follenweider, an amazing athlete, played Spideys stunt double."

Roth also added: "On a side note, I wish Guy Richie (Snatch) would make an action/ sci-fi movie. A really gritty one with women super heroes in it... sort of like Sin City, but with more guns and me in a swimsuit."

You can check out some video of the aftermath of the battle at BrennaLeeRoth.com. Note: Some language on the video is not suitable for children!.

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