EXCLUSIVE: Singer Sounds off about Superman and X-Men Spoilers

Wizard has given CBM this exclusive first look at their interview with super director Bryan Singer, where he let it be known how he feels about spoilers...
Now if people will only wait to see the movie before they react to it.

With the immediacy of the Internet and spoiler warnings abounding, Singer has resigned himself to the fact that it's virtually impossible to keep a project truly under wraps until it hits theaters.

"There's nothing you can do," Singer exclusively told Wizard in the Mega Movie Issue, available now at comic shops. "You just hope no one wants to spoil the movie for everyone. I had a screening recently for a small group of friends just to get an idea of how it goes with an audience, and you hope that after that, no one is going to go online and describe the entire event, for two reasons: One, you don't want to ruin the movie; and two, the movie that I screened is not the finished movie. I remember that we had a terrible cut of 'X-Men' in the early stages and we decided to screen it for a small group and it got reviewed on the Internet and, oh, it was terrible. They were right, though, it was a terrible cut of the picture and I wonder if that review actually helped."
For more from Singer's three-hour chat at his Hollywood home, including what he plans to do the night the film opens, his pick for his favorite movie of all time and the full scoop on rumors that 'X-Men' star Hugh Jackman makes a cameo in "Superman Returns," pick up Wizard's Mega Movie Issue on sale now in comic stores. The issue also features interviews with Hugh Jackman, Jack Black, Seth Green, Kristen Bell, Rosario Dawson, James Marsden and includes updates on "Spider-Man 3," "Sin City 2," "Fantastic Four 2," "Transformers," "Hellboy 2," "Clerks 2" and the sequel to "Batman Begins."
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